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The island’s rich culture and history beckon adventurous spirits to take a journey through time, by visiting the buried city at Akrotiri, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the site of Ancient Thera.

The Buried City at Akrotiri

Dubbed the “Pompeii of the ancient Aegean”, the prehistoric city at Akrotiri was discovered in 1967, under the mantle of pumice and volcanic ash. Excavations conducted since then have brought to light evidence of a prosperous community involved in agriculture and trade, with sophisticated art and architecture, which was struck by the catastrophic eruption in the 16th century BC.

Visitors to the archaeological site have the chance to wander among the remains of a Late Bronze Age city, marvelling at the well-preserved buildings and frescoes. Information panels at key points help them understand the monuments they see. Tours with qualified guides can also be arranged for those eager to submerge themselves into a deeper knowledge of the past.

How to get there: Aigialos is only 10 km from the archaeological site of Akrotiri. You can visit it by private car, taxi or the local bus from Fira. Parking is available for a fee just opposite the entrance to the site.

The Museum of Prehistoric Thera

An unrivalled collection of exhibits dating from the Neolithic to the Late Bronze Age awaits you in the museum of Prehistoric Thera. Pottery of all periods, characteristic Early Cycladic marble figurines, Late Bronze Age wall-paintings and a host of diverse artefacts from archaeological excavations compose a rich panorama of the prehistory of Santorini, pre-eminently the site of Akrotiri, and its neighbouring islands. The information panels facilitate your journey through time and place.

How to get there: The museum is only 5 minutes’ walk from the Aigialos hotel and our guests are regular visitors. For further details, you are always welcome to ask our friendly staff.

Ancient Thera

Named after its first Spartan colonist, Theras, Ancient Thera narrates its rich history through the wonderful ruins unearthed in the excavations. These attest its importance as a trade centre and military base, due to its strategic location. A gymnasium, a theatre, a Royal Stoa and several other public buildings, as well as the necropolis nearby, have yielded important information on life on the island from Geometric into Hellenistic and Roman times.

Be prepared to face the strong winds that blow on this hilltop. You will be rewarded for your efforts by the wonderful view of Kamari, the Aegean Sea and the neighbouring islands.

How to get there: Ancient Thera can be reached from Aigialos in your own vehicle; there is a parking area close to the ticket booth. You can also take the bus from Fira to Kamari and from there a minivan up to the site. For hikers, there are paths from Kamari and Perissa. It takes about one hour to reach the site. We suggest you wear proper hiking shoes and go early in the morning as there is no shade during the day.


Volcano tour

The Santorini island group, consisting of Santorini, Therasia, Aspronisi, Nea and Palaia Kameni, is the outcome of volcanic activity over the millennia. There are several boat tours a day to the Kameni islands in the middle of the caldera, where you have the chance to explore the crater, feel the sulphur in the atmosphere and swim in the hot springs. For all lovers of the natural beauty of Santorini, the one day boat trip is highly recommended.

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