The Island

The mystical beauty of Kalliste, Santorini island

As travellers approach Santorini they are captivated at first sight by its volcanicity, responsible for its form and fate through the eras. The picturesque whitewashed villages seemingly cling to the cliffs around the caldera, justifying the island’s ancient name, Kalliste, which means “the most beautiful”. The landscape, a combination of volcanic rocks layered with lava, pumice and ash, and black-sand beaches, will mesmerize you, especially at sunset hour, when the magnificent rosy hues of the sky fall softly around the island.



Santorini island-sunset time

Swimming in the sea off the unique volcanic beaches, wandering through the cobbled streets in Fira the island’s capital, and marvelling at the sunset will enrich your fund of memories of your unforgettable summer in Santorini.

Situated at the heart of Fira is Aigialos Niche Residences & Suites. Its exclusive surroundings respect the serenity and privacy of the guests, while its proximity to the town centre places them in walking distance of the island’s exciting social life.

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The volcano in Santorini


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Red beach in Santorini

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Grapes collected in Santorini

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