Fine Dining

Delight your appetite in Santorini’s restaurant of the senses “Bougainvillea Scarlet Queen”

A bougainvillea in full bloom, in queenly scarlet against the whitewashed walls of the entrance, welcomes you to our restaurant named in its honour. Our award-winning chef, Konstantina Faklari, selects only the freshest and choicest organic local products, and transmutes them into gourmet dishes inspired by authentic traditional recipes and contemporary haute cuisine.

As you savour the aromas of our fine wines and enjoy the colours of our special cocktails reflected in the pool, a drink at the bar is transformed into your own personal nectar of the gods.

You are welcome to join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a celebration of the senses, in which the culinary art plays the leading role.

Breakfast at your balcony


Homemade breakfast is the greatest way to start your day, full of energy. Our chef and her team prepare à la carte dishes, seasonal homemade jams and freshly squeezed juices, accompanied by oven-fresh bread rolls and croissants. The choice of enjoying the first meal of the day in the convenience of your balcony or beside the pool is entirely yours.

fine dining-fish


Our chef Konstandina Faklari’s confessed passion is “to blend authentic recipes with contemporary cuisine, using organic hand-picked and freshly collected products”. Whether in the privacy of your balcony or in the soothing Mediterranean atmosphere of our restaurant area, one thing is certain; your will enjoy every bite of our superbly imaginative dishes.


Wine tasting

Santorini’s wine history dates back 5,000 years. The island’s soil enriched with the unique “aspa” or volcanic ash creates the conditions for growing the vines that produce the exquisite Santorinian wines. The famous “Vinsanto”, the sweet dessert wine exported to the Russian court from the 16th century, is high on the list of “musts” for wine connoisseurs. Take time to sample the award-winning high-quality wines of Appellation of Origin Santorini, made from the Assyrtiko, Athiri, Aidani and Mavrotragano grape varieties, at our Ambassador’s Cellar Corner.

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